Contest :)

Dress Ups!! ;)

How this Works:

Dress up to the theme , take a snapshot, send it to me at and the fans will vote on what they like best! ;)


The theme is ‘Bright Winter’ so you have to dress up to that theme, otherwise you won’t be able to participate

The photo you send should look like this, but without the watermark (the watermark is the writing saying “Surfergal16″, and you don’t need one!)

Make the subject of the email, ‘Dress Up Contest’ please, to avoid confusion


Send email between 30th of April and the 14th of May (at the latest)

Voting will be on the page named ‘Contest’ at the top of my site

Voting will be from 14th or 15th of May and 23rd May

If you have any questions, please comment ;)

– Surfergal16


One Response to “Contest :)”

  1. owelitecookie May 24, 2010 at 12:41 am #

    wat eva

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