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28 Feb

EDIT 9th April: Max flow is now 70! Aww… sorry to disappoint!

Today, crew prizes are out!!! I’m not too sure what happens with the flow boost, I always seem to get  a 100 000 coin and then a 25 flow charge. Awww!!!!

And, if you didnt already know, type in test-mode 42 and then cryptobiologist and you will get 10 flow first time, then next time 13. Then next day, 16. Only once a day, though. Try it!! You can get a max of 100 flow a day!!!

Hope you guys all got crew prizes!! If you havent joined a crew yet, comment on a good name for the crew I’m gonna make and I’ll add you to it!!! You can even win  a prize!! Luv ya, xoxo SG



23 Feb

EDIT 1: Look not many people are commenting so lets see… best name wins a prize!!! Get going!!!

Hey its SG16 and Ive decided I’m gonna make a crew around the start of March, (I want my old crew prizes) but… I NEED A NAME 4 IT!!!

Comment on what you think it shud be!! Thx

SG16 xxx


23 Feb

Hi, the code came out late, this is it:


Thanks, Surfergal16

First Post!!

22 Feb

Hi guys, even though I know nobody will probably be reading this!! This is my first post, and I want this blog to be all about Ourworld! I am a huge fan of Last Cookie, and I don’t want to copy, but I want to let people know that I would love a site like hers with all her popularity, but I know it will never be as great, but please follow my site! Thanks, Surfergal16

P.S I’d post the gem code but it’s not up yet!!