Sorry!! :(

9 May

Hey fans! ;)

School! It’s been really busy lately, school will kill me! -.-

So, I’m sorry about the fact that I haven’t been posting! But hardly anyone’s entered the contest! So much for fans…

If you didn’t get the message before (even though a new one’s gonna be published tomorrow…)


Toolbar | No Toolbar ?

I’ll post cool stuff soon (hopefully!)

– Surfergal16


Dress Ups ;)

30 Apr

Dress Ups!! ;)

Okay, this was taking up way to much room! ;)

So, click here to see the contest page, where the rules have been moved to!

Please enter, you have nothing to lose! (5 minutes at the most)

– Surfergal16

Contest decided! ;)

27 Apr

Okay… Well… by far the winning contest is…. Dress Ups!!!


Dress-Ups: Dress up your character (to a theme) Fans will vote on the best one!! :)

Next post is rules ;)

– Surfergal16


26 Apr


No Comment!  :)

Contest Ideas??

26 Apr

Okay, so, this post is for contest ideas only!! Even though I love talking to you guys, I really need ideas.

So, I’m going to make a poll, you guys pick 3 ideas for a contest (I’ll pick the fourth!) and then we’ll vote on it.

1. Condo design (design to a theme)

2. Quiz

3. ?

4. ?

So comment only on ideas. I’ll pick 2 I like best if there’s tons!  ;)

Golden Key… ?

25 Apr

If you have read the post below, you would have noticed the rare “Golden Key”. Well, I’ve been “researching”. Not like I’ve found much, though. But, I basically posted this because I wanted to show how the updates will be set out. (The snapshot is once again unclear, maybe because it’s a moving image? Just click it for the clearer version)

NOTE: These are previous updates, used as an example.

If you take note of the box in this snapshot, you’d see the date when the Key becomes valid. Also, maybe someone could help me out with my “research”… anyone have a clue where Skeleton Key Dungeon is??

Read my post below on the soon-to-be contest! :)


How bout a… Contest?

24 Apr
I have been thinking, what better way to make people visit and love your site other than a contest? So, I want people to comment on ideas for a contest, cause contests are better when people get to choose it! :) So, comment away, and I’ll pick some of your ideas, and make a poll for you guys! :)
Plus, I found the weirdest thing on playtest…Hmm… something to ponder. Who has a resident playtest account, anyway?
So… Get commenting and pondering! :)